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Thanks for stopping by. We know job hunting can be a little time consuming and you're probably keen to find out what's on offer, so we'll get straight to the point.

As Kallos Vietnam scales change continues to be part of our DNA. But we like to think that's all part of the fun. So this will give you the flavour of the type of things you'll be working on when you start, but this will likely evolve.

About us


We're a global online retailer for beauty lovers with the aim of giving our customers the confidence to be whoever they want to be – and the same goes for our people.
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Our mission

A wide assortment of good quality merchandise; the lowest possible prices; guaranteed satisfaction with what you buy; friendly, knowledgeable service.

"Be Whoever You Want To Be"

Design (UI/UX)

Our focus on the customer makes Kallos a great place for designers to stretch their creative skills, and play a role in improving the lives of million people.

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Content Management

Without written content, Kallos simply wouldn’t exist. And you wouldn’t be reading these words. Content allows us to share our story, in our own ‘peculiar’ way.

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At Kallos, our customer obsession speaks for itself through new products and services. Behind the scenes, our marketing teams are working hard to spread the word.

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Customer Service

Our customer service team is the engine that drives Kallos’s mission to be most customer-centric company. We’ve built our reputation on caring for every detail.

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Human Resources

Our mission to be most customer-centric company would be impossible without talented people. Their hard work and creative thinking ensure we deliver great experiences.

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Business Intelligence

We understand the vital role that data plays in our world-class customer service. And we believe that the best way to achieve this is to employ the most talented minds in the business.

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What The Team Says

It is rewarding to be part of a driven and passionate, fun filled team, who take pride in all aspects work.

Jessica Nguyen
Jessica Nguyen
Content Marketing Manager

For almost two years I have watched, contributed and have loved every minute of being part of the company’s growth and feel gratified that I have been on board for that journey.

Trish Le
Trish Le
Copywriter for Brand

Honesty and transparency are key values we all uphold as we strive for continuous improvement in all areas of the business.

Turnbull Tran
Turnbull Tran
Junior Graphic Designer

Since day one Kallos Vietnam has made a feel a welcomed and valued contributor to the team.

Dower Pham
Dower Pham
Data Analyst

Everyone is willing to listen to their colleague’s point of view, respecting their ideas and opinions.

Doris Vuong
Doris Vuong
Marketing Operations Specialist